Painting From a Photo

maui lovers3b  maui lovers for compare

Painting ———————————————Photo

Here are some examples of the painting and the original photo.  Simply send your photo by email, pick the size painting, and start the process!  I will send you a sketch to meet your approval and then the final painting will be delivered within 2-3 weeks.

PRICES AND SIZES                      ( IN INCHES)

Plain Background    Or   Detailed  Background

6 x 6                           $35                    $40

9 x 12                        $80                    $90

12 x 12                     $110                  $120

11 x 14                      $115                 $125

10 x 20                      $130                 $150

16 x 20                     $159                 $179

12 x 24                     $190                  $210


20 x 20                    $218                  $250

20 x 24                   $260                   $290

24 x 24                    $310                  $350


(Larger sizes available)

30% deposit must be paid in advance. Deposits are non-refundable.

Sketches are shown to you each step of the way and painting continues with your approval!!


STEP 1  – Choose your favorite photo (or combination)

maui lovers for compare

STEP 2 – Choose the size canvas.  Remember that the smaller the canvas the harder it is to get details such as faces and hands.  If you choose a smaller canvas, you should consider doing a close up of the subject.

STEP 3 – Send the digital photo via email to and pay your deposit via PayPal below.

STEP 4 – You will receive a sketch to approve.

Maui lovers sketch

STEP 5 – Take home your gift of art!

maui lovers3b




Deposit for Commissioned Painting or to Purchase a Piece of Art (please list amount in Box Other Amount)
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