Desmond Digs Dinosaurs Because They Roar! My children’s book is available

My latest children’s book, Desmond Digs Dinosaurs Because They Roar! is now available for sale at Amazon and Barnes and Noble.

Desmond is a little boy that loves dinosaurs. He loves them so much that he sometimes thinks he is one! With Desmond’s incredible imagination, he can change his room into a Jurassic world, complete with trees for the herbivores to eat, volcanoes to climb and a sand pit for the fossilized bones to go.

This book is filled with dinosaurs facts and information with a delightful look into a child’s fantasy world. The rhyming prose delivers a story that is…

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Latest commission pieces

These two dogs were the cherished family members of Kristy Gonzales.



This commmissioned artwwork was for a family reunion.  The subject is a grandfather and his 65 Chevy

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Original painting of a striking woman wearing Louboutin heels as she walks down Pirate Alley in the French Quarter. This painting even has a wrap around canvas so that her hand extends on the side. Nice large 12×26 size.

Every woman loves Louboutins.


Painting can be purchased online or by visiting Water Street Bistro

  Wrap around canvas to see her hand from the side.


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Silver Cubes

Decorating cubes in various styles and colors.  Mix and match gold and silver.  You can hang on a wall or prop up on a table or counter. Each only $24.95


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Beautiful engagement photo made into painting


Today at the trailhead I got to meet this beautiful couple. I painted this painting for them and they were given it at their engagement party. So today they stopped by to tell me how much it was perfect for them and how much they loved it. . It made my day to see how happy the painting made them. Yay!

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Red Shoe Ballerina

I was selected as Artist of the Month at Artists’ Galleries de Juneau in Slidell.  I will be featured in the front of the gallery and this is the piece that will be displayed there for the month of October.



red-shoe-ballerina-on-wall red-shoe-ballerina-on-wall2

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